Sherelle for MAPLE

For the FW20 season we enlist London born Dj Sherelle. You may recognize her from her Radio 1 residency or her multiple high energy Boiler room sets. We tap into Sherelle for a small Q & A and editorial.

Have you picked up any new lockdown skills or talents?

I have. I have the time to try something else musically. But next year that will make an appearance ;)

If you had to choose 5 songs that sum up Sherelle, what would they be?

Paid in Full by Eric B and Rakim (Coldcut Remix)

Renegade Snares by Omni Trio (Foul Play Remix) 

Finest Illusion by Foul Play 

U Been Gone by DJ Rashad and Addison Groove

Brighter Dayz by DJ Rashad

Do you feel like your love of Jungle and 160 music has shaped your style?

Yes, it has. It's the feeling, the mood, and the attitude that I have definitely adopted in my style. And I guess when i see the music in my head they represent so many bright colors. 

We’ve noticed you’re a big fan of bright Ski jackets - can you Ski?

Wait... I have been waiting for this question to say ... YES I can. And I am actually not too bad. Was scared at first but I overcame my fear of the slopes and glided all the way down. It's been a while though.

And finally, last year saw you set up your own label Hooversound Recordings - what can we expect next?

Just more big tunes really. All ranging from 135 bpm to a very fast 170... Even though there isn't a club we will still be bringing the party to you alllll at home. 


Talent Sherelle //@sherelle_

Photography Henry Gorse // @henrygorse

Styling and creative direction Lewis Munro // @lewisMunro__

Thanks to MGMT One House Artists // @OneHouseArtists