MAPLE x Hak Baker

We caught up with Hak Baker, a singer and rapper from East London's Isle of Dogs.

How has London, or Isle of Dogs in particular influenced your taste in music?
Where I grew up - well when I first got introduced to the happening of the Isle, everyone was having it to A bit of oldskool garage and jungle man. That was the lick and of course grime. It wasn’t even called grime back then - it was just something as a lad you did. It was originally an East end thing init! The household was always full or Reggae music but true my mum is Jamaican that was a given.

And has it also influenced your style?
Yeah course, all About lyrics those times there and I’m a lyric lad.

Is jewelry something you often incorporate into your outfits when getting dressed?
More so when I was young. It was ESSENTIAL then, if ya wanted to set yaself aside for everyone else. You’d save all ya pennies to get yaself a little chops, chain, ring something ya know. As I grew up, I got a bit lazy I think and clothes cost so much these days lol, you just gotta make sure ya got something on ya back. However as I’ve got older I’ve felt the need to express me’self more man and whenever given the chance such as in videos and that I can’t wait to accessorise! Yeah man feeling the need to express me’self again, hence pick your ‘Late night parties’(Silver Cowboy Chain) piece.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you own/ have owned in the past?
Lol, it was a white gold chain I bought when I was 16, don’t ask how I afforded it, I just bought. Or my Rolex Daytona - It’s classy as fuck!

What are your top three tracks right now?
Billy Brag - New England
38 spesh- stash box
Uma - mockingbird

Jewelry is often seen as precious items to its owner, whether this be because of the costs or the materials used to make it. What are the things that are most precious to you in your life?
I didn’t really know for a while I would have said my friendships but now it’s family. I’ve recently moved back in with my mum and she matters most to me more than anything. My nieces and nephews. Yeah man. Family and peace of mind. Oh and my New Guitar! Lol.

Finally, we hear you’re working on a new EP - when can we expect to hear this?
Next week! LOL easy lads