Billy Menezes MAPLE Magic

SS21 sees Maple visit the UK once again to chat to London’s hottest magician Billy Menezes – the 17-year-old magician who’s already stared in campaigns for adidas and performed magic for Kate Moss, Dua Lipa and Bakar.

How long have you been performing magic for?
I've been performing magic around 7 years now I started when I was 10

What would you say was your biggest break to date?
Don't even think it's come yet which is good. But working with adidas was a really big deal to me because it felt like my Magic was taken seriously and I was able to really show people what I'm capable of. It was sick seeing myself in ads and in the adidas store because I wasn't even expecting that. That was Wild!

Where did you get your first audience?
I think my first audience was probably my family and people at school. But my Mum used to run a cafe and they used to put on shows there, she told me I could do a 20 minute show after school one day, I think I was about 11 at the time, and did a small show for a little audience which definitely felt bigger at the time. Honestly, I feel bad for anyone who had to watch that, probably wasn't that good. And a woman shouted out how one of my tricks were done which probably made me more nervous

What inspired you to start learning?
Boredom really, just decided to search ‘magic Tricks’ into Youtube and it opened a whole new world for me.

Have you ever performed a trick that’s not worked out?
I've definitely performed tricks that haven't gone to plan but because the audience never know what's coming next you can always find a way to get around any issues along the way.

You’re very into your streetwear, is there anything from the culture that you think has a cross over to the work you do?
I probably do a lot of things without realizing. I'd say maybe just letting the magic speak for itself like people can do with clothes.

What are your favourite pieces from the Maple co collection?
I like the double link bracelet and the star ring, They look super cool.

Where’s the best place magic has taken you?
Magic has really helped me explore and learn so much about London, but I want it to take me to America and Japan and the rest of the world. I would love to show all different cultures and people magic.